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Admit It
You’re Spinning Your Wheels

  • Your debt isn’t going down as fast as you want or you’re not saving as much as you would like
  • You’ve got some goals you want to achieve but not sure how you will get there eg house, career change, start a business, have a family, work less
  • You want to be more organised (have a Will, look at your insurances, superannuation etc) but you’re just so time poor and don’t have the energy to look at this stuff.
  • You work hard and want to have a life today (holidays etc) but don’t know how to balance this with saving money for the future
  • You feel the pressure of having to manage your household finances
  • You are ready to start investing but don’t want to make any mistakes

This is Why You Feel Stuck

You Don’t Have A Plan or Support!
It’s as simple as that.

Instead you have put your head in the sand, hoping it will all work out
But it’s time to stop “hoping”. Trust me when I say that hope is not a good strategy,
all your doing is wasting your time.

What you’re doing has left you feeling out of control.
It frustrates you because you know you should be doing better financially.
And as a result the freedom you crave isn’t there.

Not only are your assets not growing quickly enough but your definitely
not achieving all you could.

You’re running out of time.
You want to have choices.
You want to feel in control.
And you want to get there as soon as possible.

Its time you invest in a plan that works.

I want to help you Live Your Best Life

I believe when you implement the strategies from
The My Money Independence Program
You Will Have The Opportunity To Live Your Best Life

I want to help you learn how to implement these strategies into your life
so you can be on your way to financial independence and
achieving your goals faster.

The reason I’m so passionate about helping as many people as possible become independent is because I know the freedom that comes with it has the power to help you live a stress free life where you are in control and have more choices. In fact, it’s going to help you become a happier, more fulfilled human being.

I know this is as a fact, because I’ve helped create this freedom for my clients.

Here are some of my Favourite Freedoms I’ve helped create for clients

“I have the freedom to start my own business”


“I take amazing holidays whilst building my investment portfolio”


“I quit FIFO work and was still able to buy my first home”


“I quit my 9 to 5 job and I spend more time with my young family whilst growing my own business”


“I was able to take 12 months maternity leave without stress or worry and start a creative side hustle Bubble & Burst which I’m really enjoying”


It’s my mission to help as many people as possible experience these freedoms for themselves because I know when people take control of their finances they get to do more of what they love and when they are free from worry and have mental space they get to focus on what truly makes them happy

Being in charge of your financial destiny and having a plan
for financial independence is awesome,

but it’s far from easy if you have never done it before or are working with no plan
it can be hard to find the momentum and direction you need.

That’s why I created our My Money Independence Program to give you the blueprint strategies that you need to succeed.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to make financial decisions with confidence
  • How to create a budget that you love
  • The best place for your savings and how to invest with confidence
  • How to create a back-up plan should an unforeseen event occur (eg redundancy, sickness etc)
  • How to rank and assess your superannuation
  • Which of your goals are possible
  • How to have a conversation with your partner around money
  • What’s really important to you (hint it’s not money) and how you can prioritise this in your life

Alisha & Patrick Hannah

Since joining the My Money Independence program
“We have paid that $45k in personal debts OFF. We have purchased a new home, had a
third child without any financial worry as we now have 5 figures in the bank as a normal
thing.I’ve also been able to quit my 9 to 5 job and start my own business so I can spend
more time with our family”

If you are interested, please apply by clicking the button below


I’m Adele Martin a Money Mentor for people in 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who want a plan for financial independence whilst still living today.

I first started in financial planning nearly 2 decades ago helping retirees.

I’ll never forgot the feeling of hopelessness I often experienced as I would hear these retirees say “we wish we saw you years ago”. As they now didn’t have the health to travel or were going to run out of money and have to rely on the age pension.

I knew if I wanted to have a real impact on people’s lives I needed to see them earlier.

So I quit my safe job and started my own business working with people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I wanted to teach people how to master their money so they could live a life they love now rather than waiting for retirement.

Through my years of coaching I’ve realised that having a successful money plan is kind of like playing jenga – you cant just work on one area because the whole thing can collapse.

And that’s why I created My Money Independence to help you learn how to master all areas of wealth building.

Introducing our

My Money Coach

Work on with your Money Coach on
5 key areas to help you achieve your goals and build and protect your wealth

  • 1. Spending Plan – creating a budget you love and teaching you strategies you can use to easily stick to your plan.
  • 2. Goal Planning – your Money Coach will work with you to help you balance your lifestyle goals (eg holidays) with financial goals (eg paying debt). Your coach will co-create with you a detailed financial model of your life so you can have clarity around when you will be debt free, retire etc and what your assets like super or property could grow to.
  • 3. Investment Plan – your Money Coach will educate you about your investment choices so you make an informed decision.
  • 4. Superannuation Review – your Money Coach will show you how to rank and assess your super funds (including SMSF), chase lost super and take advantage of government rules.
  • 5. Your Back Up Plan – your Money Coach will help you protect the wealth you are building by ensuring you have an emergency fund, calculating how much insurance you need and researching who will give you the best cover as well as working with your solicitor (or one we recommend) to ensure your assets go to the right people at the right time and whilst legally minimise tax payable.



My Money Buddy

Our custom app uses new technology to easily understand where your money goes so you can use real data to make decisions with more confidence. Knowing where your money goes also helps to fast track your savings as you spend more consciously.

In addition it allows you to save receipts for warranty purposes and your tax records so you don’t have to worry about them fading or being lost. You can also easily produce a report for your accountant a tax time of any expenses that may be tax deductible.

My Money Community

Membership to our exclusive online community where we have regular education and updates from experts around the world on money. But also education about how to understand what makes you happy and what makes a great life. Because we believe each person is unique in what makes them happy and there is no point having a Money Coach and getting your finances sorted if you aren’t living your best life.

It’s also a place for support, accountability and so you can be surrounded with people who understand what you are going through but also be inspired by those ahead of you.

My Money Experts

We can also connect you with other financial experts (like accountants, solicitors, mortgage broker etc) who we have vetted and used with our clients. We can also liaise with these professionals on your behalf to save you time and to ensure everyone is on the same page so you can a co-ordinated response to your finances.


  • 100% online All meetings are 100% online so you can participate no matter where you live in Australia. But also so we can employ the best talent in the country. You can see us and our screen and we can record the session so you can watch it back.
  • You Need To Apply Because of the thoroughness of our My Money Independence program we are limited with how many people can participate each year. Hence we have an application process and are selective about who we work with. We only want to work with people who are committed and who we believe will get the best results from our program.
  • Start Working With Your Money Coach Throughout your first year you will likely have a virtual session with your Money Coach every second month (or more if needed).
  • Welcome Phone Call You will then have a Welcome Phone Call with our Customer Loving Team to arrange your first meeting with your Money Coach and explain what information and data your Money Coach will need prior to your meeting.
  • Set You Up On My Money Buddy We will set you up on our My Money Buddy program so we can start understanding where your money goes and have accurate data to use with your Money Coach so you can more confidentiality make decisions.We will teach you how to use the system so you understand all the benefits and features (like how to track your expenses for tax)
  • Invited to the My Money Community You will be invited to our online My Money Community so you can surround yourself with likeminded individuals that want to see you succeed, you will have access to all past events and receive notification of our upcoming events.
  • Excellent Customer Service We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. No matter what the problem, you can always reach us by phone 1300 001 219 or email
  • 12 months commitment to ensure you get the best results from the My Money Independence Program we ask for a 12 month commitment from you. However, the large majority of our clients choose to work with us well beyond 12 months as they value having accountability, a sounding board for decisions and someone to keep them up to date with investments and government rule changes. Quite simply they see the value in investing in ongoing financial education and working with a coach long term as they get results faster than doing it themselves. However, at the end of 12 months, we can mutually decide if we want to keep working together.


Frequency Asked Questions

  • Are you independent ?
    Adele was self-licenced and won the national Independent Financial Best Client Servicing Adviser and also the overall Excellence Award (it’s like an Olympic gold medal in the advice world). She then made the decision to no longer be “independent” and to be licenced through IOOF. This is because how she was licenced made no difference to the advice clients received as she didn’t take commission and focused on clients goals not product. Being licenced through IOOF means Adele has access to better technology, compliance systems and training as these services are shared across advisers making them more cost effective. This has allowed Adele to deliver not only better advice but also make advice to her clients more affordable.
  • What to do if I have a complaint ?
    Whilst we don’t envisage this will happen you should feel safe knowing we have a system that can ensure any complaints are dealt with swiftly if any do arise. You can find out more about our complaint handling process by looking at our Financial Services Guide.
  • Is there a money back guarantee ?
    After you sign the engagement agreement we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee should you change your mind for any reason. We firmly believe if you do the work you will be better off. But it may not necessarily be financially better off (although it often is) you could be better off as you now have peace of mind and more certainty about where you are heading (hard to put a price on that !)
  • Can I see my Money Coach in person ?
    No all our meetings a virtual (online) so we can employ the best talent in the country and so we don’t have to pass on to you the costs of running a physical office. It’s ideal if you have a computer or tablet but we can also hold these meetings over the phone.
  • What if my circumstances change and I can no longer afford the fees ?
    We understand unforeseen events can occur (eg losing your job) and we are happy to work with you to pause your fees whilst you find your feet.
  • Do you offer after hours appointments ?
    We understand that it may be hard to see us between 9 am and 5 pm so we offer a limited number of after hours appointments for your convenience. We don’t however see client’s on the weekend as we value our teams self care and time with their family
  • Does my partner need to come to the meetings ?
    Yes if you share any money or goals with your partner it is critical they participate in meetings with your Money Coach as its harder to score goals if your team is on the bench.
  • What areas can’t you provide advice on ?
    Our Financial Services Guide details the areas we can and cant provide advice on. For instance we will never sell you a property but we can help you understand impact on your circumstances.
  • How much time does the My Money Independence program require from me ? We understand that many of our clients are busy and time poor which is why we make the program as easy and step by step as possible. In the first year you may look to invest around 14 hours of your time with things like your Money Coach meetings, gathering data, seeing solicitors etc. This averages less than 20 minutes a week. For the benefits received we see this as a a great return for time invested (particularly if we compare this to how much time many of us spend scrolling through Facebook or watching Netflix’s)
  • How much is the My Money Independence Program ?
    Your investment depends on the complexity of your circumstances. We don’t take commission or kickbacks so our advice isn’t conflicted.
    We want to make it as affordable as possible so we offer payment plans allowing you to split the payment over the year and you also have the ability to fund some of it from your super fund to assist with your cashflow. You may even get some of your fee back at tax time ie it be tax deductible (we are not licenced to give tax advice and you should confirm this with your accountant)


If you are interested, please apply by clicking the button below

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