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TSS 01: Kerwin Rae shares his money lessons

The slowest way to get results is by yourself and the fastest way is with a coach. Which is why ever since I can remember I have always chosen to work with a coach. Whether that be tutoring at school, career advice, health, business or life.

This is our first episode so I’m going to start with interviewing my business coach and someone who has been a big influence on my business over the last 4 years –  my mentor Kerwin Rae.

We cover lots of interesting topics, including:

  • what Kerwin teaches his son about money,
  • mistakes Kerwin has made with money,
  • how he bounced back from 2 near bankruptcies,
  • money advice for people starting a business,
  • Kerwin’s favourite money books : Think and Grow Rich + Rich Dad Poor Dad 
  • and heaps more

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I have.

If you want to continue your financial education then make sure you join us in The Savings Squad for our financial book club. You can join for free on the link below:





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