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TSS 07: Live More Consciously

Sometimes we get so busy with life we forget to check in on what actually makes us happy.

With the new year upon us we often get some downtime and it’s a great chance to reflect on what brings us joy and take steps to integrate into our lives.

I’ve been thinking about what brings me joy now more than ever for a couple of reasons:

  • In 2018 I lost my dear friend to cancer very quickly and suddenly. It made me understand that life is short and none of us know how long we might have on earth. I realised I was busy being busy and wasn’t living consciously.
  • My husband Nathan is about the celebrate the big 40 (and I’m quietly having a mild freak out as it’s not too far off for me either). Those round number birthdays tend to make us reflect on what’s really important to us.
  • 2019 is also the year we will become parents with baby Martin due in April. As I contemplate becoming a mum I know I want to be more present and be the best version of myself.

So one way I’m ensuring I’m living my best life and living more consciously is to develop a list of 19 things I want to do in 2019 (inspired by one of my favorite podcasts Happier by Gretchen Rubin).

But I wanted to take my time and put some thought into this list so I developed a process to live more consciously in 2019 which involves contemplating 3 areas:

  1. What fills my cup
  2. What drains my cup
  3. What new things could I do to fill my cup



Step 1: What are the things that fill my cup?

What are the things that add to my happiness and I need to do more of? This could include things:

  • I enjoy
  • That relive stress/anxiety
  • I do purely for fun or entertainment
  • That help make me kinder
  • That makes me laugh

Step 2: What are the things that drain my cup?

What drains my energy down and that I need to avoid or limit. This could include people or things that:

  • Stress me out
  • Trigger me
  • Creates unhealthily consequences
  • Drains me
  • I think I have to do but don’t want to

Step 3: What are the new things I can do that will fill my cup?

Actively seeking new things to do is great for your creativity, energy levels, and critical thinking.  This could include:

  • Bucket List Items
  • Self-care
  • New hobby
  • New social activity or social circle
  • Always something you wanted to do

MY 19 FOR 2019 LIST

So with the above in mind I have come up with my 19 things I will achieve in 2019:

  1. Monthly massage: self-care is so important if we want to be the best version of ourselves. A few months ago, I started having a massage once a month on a Friday afternoon and It’s definitely a habit I want to continue in 2019.


  1. Monthly nature walk in the bush or on the beach: connecting with nature always helps to make me feel calmer and more centered. I’m very lucky that I only live 10 minutes from the best beaches in the world yet sadly I rarely go. So this year I’m going to make more of an effort to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.


  1. Keep doing Park Run: if you haven’t tried Park Run I really encourage you to try it ( don’t worry you don’t need to run). I love Park Run not only for the fitness but we also have a developed a running group The Workout Wenches and it’s a great chance to connect with friends regularly.


  1. Visit somewhere new: I value learning and adventure so I love visiting new places. 2018 it was Boston which was gorgeous and definitely somewhere I want to go back. This year with baby Martin on the way I thought something closer to home like the Blue Mountains.


  1. Record 26 podcast episodes: I love asking questions, learning and helping others so this really ticks a lot of boxes that fill my cup. I am also super excited that Nathan has given up his man cave and let me turn it into an office/podcast studio – I can’t wait for it to be finished.


  1. Beautify my bedroom: I spend so much time in my bedroom yet it has been some time since I’ve given it a proper makeover. I still have the same bedside tables and chest of draws I had from my university days that are ugly and dated it’s definitely time for a refresh.


  1. Hang pictures: I know it seems trivial but pictures of my friends, family and holidays would bring me joy but I haven’t ever made the time to put them on my wall and we have lived in our house for over 10 years.


  1. Record my mum and dad’s story: I no longer have any living grandparents and it has made me sad that I didn’t capture more of their story. So I want to ensure that baby Martin knows about his/her grandparents (like the fact that when my parents were young they didn’t have electricity blows my mind)


  1. Regular mid-week coffee catch up with my husband Nathan: quality time is high for Nathan and my love languages (if you don’t know what your love language is then I highly recommend taking the 5 Love Languages quiz– it’s going to help with all the relationships in your life)


  1. Master Instagram stories:I want to connect and help more people understand their financial world as I know if they master their money they will have less stress but also importantly more choices. One way I can do this is through Instagram stories and giving you a glimpse each day of what running a financial planning business is like and the strategies we use to help people live their best lives.


  1. Do more videos: if I want to have an impact on the world and help people master their money then I need to create more educational videos. I have just about got the new studio set up with green screen and light boxes so I have no more excuses !!


  1. Volunteer:helping others makes me feel good. I especially liked a few years ago helping out of the Beacon Project so I think I might aim to do something with school kids again.


  1. Restart the monthly financial book club in The Savings Squad: I love reading and learning and I love our financial book club got people talking about money (which can often be so taboo) so I definitely want to restart in 2019.


  1. Finish writing my book: I was a little over half way through writing my book when I decided to take a break and focus on creating our My Money Buddyour savings and goal program. But I have always loved writing. It’s ones of those things I would do as a kid just for fun yet now I rarely make time for it. So this is the year I finish my book.


  1. White Christmas Europe:it would be a stretch next year but it’s on my Bucket List so I’m adding it


  1. 1 random act of kindness a month: The world would be a better place if we were all a little kinder to each other. I am going to brainstorm a whole heap of ideas and then place in a jar and draw one out a month. I love the idea where possible that the person doesn’t know who the act of kindness was from.


  1. Get all medical check-ups for myself and Nathan (skin, blood test, eyes etc): I think this stuff just takes up unnecessary mental space. It’s the sort of stuff I wake up thinking about at 3 am in the morning. So ticking this off will definitely bring me more peace of mind.


  1. Arrange a weekend away with girlfriends:for me connecting with friends is so important and after our catchup’s I always walk away feeling so happy and grateful to have them in my life. They listen without judgment and after decades of friendship, we know each other so well even if it’s been a while between catchups it feels like no time has passed.


  1. Learn something new:I have always been naturally curious and loved learning (I was that annoying kid that always had their hand raised asking questions). But I think sometimes many people as adults don’t pursue learning new things as they were often scarred by their school environment and having to learn stuff that didn’t naturally resonate with them or learn in a way that wasn’t conducive to their learning style. But learning especially as we get older becomes so important if we want to keep our brain active and sharp and as an adult, I can choose what I want to learn and how.


  1. Monthly date by myself breakfast/lunch/movies:I can hear some of you who are parents laughing “how are you with a newborn baby going to get any time by yourself”. I may be a bit delusional but I’m adding it as I know it makes me feel more zen and definitely recharges my batteries.

That’s my 19 things for 2019. Yes I know I’ve got 20. I’m an overachiever … I couldn’t decide what to take off !!



Write Your Goal Down & Share Them

If you want to increase your chance at achieving your goals then Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, tells us by just writing them down you are 42% more likely to achieve and this further increases if you share it with someone else.

So if you are serious about your 19 for 2019 list why not jump into our free community The Savings Squadand let us know what you are working towards as just by doing this you nearly double your chances of achieving it.

Have Regular Reminders About Your Goals

Being reminded of your goal regularly will also help keep you focused after the initial motivation/excitement has occurred. So consider:

  • Having a photo of your goal as your phone or computer screen saver
  • Incorporating it into your password eg “Newyork2019!”
  • Stick a Post-it note on your bathroom mirror

Have an Accountability Buddy

Have you ever found you really want to do something, it’s really important to you, but you can’t seem to do it no matter how hard you try.

If you answered yes then it could be because like many of us you are an obliger.This is where we can meet other people’s expectations (we don’t want to let them down) but struggle to meet expectations we impose on ourselves.

For instance as an obliger even if you really want to get fit and that aligns with your values you will often find a good reason not to go the gym (working late etc) but if you were in a team sport then  rarely (if ever) would you not show up as you wouldn’t want to let the team down.

If you are an obliger like me then having an accountability buddy can help keep you on track.


If you want to live more consciously and have more fun then I encourage you to create your own list.

Head over to to find todays episode and download the workbook to help you create your own 19 for 2019 list.


Many people wait until they are faced with one of the big 4 (death, disease, divorce or redundancy) to evaluate their life. Don’t let this be you. Choose to live more consciously now.

Once you have your list jump inside The Savings Squad Facebook group and share.  Not only will this help with your success (remember you nearly double your chances of achieving just by sharing) but it might also inspire someone else to create their list.

I will also be giving regular updates on how I’m tracking with my list so make sure you follow Adele Martin Money Mentor on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see my progress and keep me accountable.

Best wishes for an amazing year ahead.  Enjoy creating your 2019 list – you totally got this !!!

The information (including taxation) provided in this blog is general in nature and does not consider your individual circumstances or needs. Do not act until you seek professional advice and consider the Product Disclosure Statement. The author, Adele Martin, is a Certified Financial Planner at Firefly Wealth which is an Authorised Representative of RI Advice Group ABN 23 001 774 125 AFSL 238429. The views expressed in the blog are solely those of the author, they are not reflective or indicative of RI licensees’ position and are not attributed to RI Advice Group. They cannot be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the author.

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