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Fast 5 Savings Challenge: 5 Easy Ways to Kick Start your Savings

We often under estimate the impact small changes will have on our life:

  • Whether that’s going to bed earlier and the effect this has on our energy and happiness 
  • Portion control food and the impact it has on weight 

And we do same with money. We convince ourselves to save money and build wealth we need to do something drastic 

The secret to saving money and building wealth is small changes done consistently. And that’s what the Fast 5 Savings Challenge is all about.

In this episode we cover tip number 2: Benefits of Decluttering

We look at:

  • How to pick what to sell
  • Where and how best to sell these items 
  • Other benefits from selling (its not just financial)
  • Overcoming any roadblocks or challenges 

Other Resources & Support

Make sure you checkout the Learning Section inside The Savings Squad Facebook group as there are lots of free resources to support the Fast 5 including – videos, workbook, scripts and more. 

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